Agricultural Business Analyzer - Frequently Asked Questions

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It has been recognized, by users that there are some scenarios that are unique and are not covered in the User Guide or Video tutorial.

These scenarios are addressed in the following Frequently Asked Questions.
New ABA Templates, Year End Macro Button on the Title Page of ABA, Leap Year Dates
Dealing with Equipment, Vehicle, and Building Leases
Entering Accrual Numbers to Convert Cash Statements
Handling Unconventional Term Loan Repayment Terms in ABA
How to Incorporate Crop Advances Into a Financial Analysis
How to Pull Non Revenue Assets, Living Costs, and Non Farm Debt Out of the Ratios
Standing Timber, Gravel Pits, Surface Leases, etc. as Sources of Revenue
Testing an Entry or Function Yourself
Using the Template After the Start of a Production Cycle
Doing Multiple Year Projections
Entering Information on Non-Farm Assets
New Current Liabilities with Two or More Payment Periods in Projected Year
Projected Depreciation Rates for Machinery and Buildings
Projecting Payments on Ongoing Credit Card or Payables Debt

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