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Tel: 403-274-2774 Fax: 403-274-0101
Individuals, start-up companies or established companies

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  AVAC Ltd. was created over 18 years ago to stimulate and enhance the development capacity of agribusiness and to facilitate the commercialization of innovative products and services.

Today, AVAC LTD. focuses on investments in early-stage value-added agribusiness companies and agriculture technology.

Agrivalue™ (agribusiness value-add)
- Value-added agribusiness activities are defined as all initiatives that add value to primary agricultural commodities, and enhancing value-added activities. This increased agrivalue™ is generally achieved through the transformation of primary products and services, through improved knowledge, innovation and technology, primary and secondary processing, and market differentiation. In virtually all cases, value-added activities incorporate a new business approach, resulting in improved market opportunities and corporate differentiation. From product development based upon consumer needs, to innovative processing and product delivery, agrivalue™ is at the heart of an entirely new way of thinking.

Value-added – the net output, as measured by gross output or value, less purchased inputs. As a result, the value added concept provides some insight into the degree of transformation, which occurs in either a product or service.

Agrivalue™ Fund investments focus on these four areas:

New and enhanced food products, such as, identity preserved products, convenience foods and whole meal replacement products.

Wellness products such as functional foods and nutraceuticals.

Bioproducts (industrial and non–food), such as biofuels and biolubricants, bio-materials, compost, pet foods, cosmetics and fibre products.

Enabling technologies, which encompasses knowledge and/or services arising from research and technical innovations which can facilitate agrivalue™ growth.

For more information and application forms, visit the AVAC website.

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