Agricultural Initiatives Program

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Agriculture Grant Programs
Alberta Agriculture and Forestry

For Further Information Contact:

Tel: 780-643-1830 Fax: 780-422-1613
Funds will be granted to agricultural societies incorporated under the Agricultural Societies Act (Alberta), and to other registered not-for-profit organizations with objectives related to agriculture and rural development
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Program Details
  Funding has been fully committed and the Agricultural Initiative Program is not accepting applications at this time.


Funds are provided by the Alberta Lottery Fund to encourage improvements in agriculture, the quality of life in the agricultural community and to facilitate rural development.


Not-for-profit organizationsmeans any organization registered under a federal or provincial act other than the Agricultural Societies Act (Alberta).

“Major agricultural societies” includes the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede Ltd. and Edmonton Northlands.

“Primary agricultural societies” includes all agricultural societies incorporated under the Agricultural Societies Act (Alberta) other than the major agricultural societies and the regional agricultural societies.

“Regional agricultural societies” includes the Camrose Regional Exhibition and Agricultural Society, Grande Prairie Regional Agricultural and Exhibition Society, Lethbridge & District Exhibition, Lloydminster Agricultural Exhibition Association Limited, Medicine Hat Exhibition & Stampede Co. Ltd., Olds Agricultural Society, and Westerner Exposition Association.

Capital Projects

Not-for-profit organizations and agricultural societies are eligible to apply for program funding to assist with capital projects.

New construction is not a priority of the program. The focus is on keeping existing facilities operating and viable. Priority is therefore given to capital projects that significantly impact operations. They include, but are not limited to: major repairs, renovations, the replacement of capital assets that are not functional, and energy efficiency upgrades.

Organizations seeking funding for new facilities are encouraged to contact Alberta Culture and Community Spirit at 1-800-642-3855.

Projects may be funded on a 1:1 (grant:applicant) cost-share basis. A successful applicant can receive up to $75,000 in grants for capital projects over any consecutive two year period.

A successful applicant can meet their cost share requirements with:

Cash, minimum 50% of the grant, plus any combination of:

  • Volunteer labour – the maximum rate is $15/hr for general labour and $30/hr for journeyman tradesman when they are working at their trade. Volunteer labour hours must be directly related to the project.
  • Donated heavy equipment (including operator) working directly on the project, maximum $60/hr.
  • Donated materials for the project at market value.
Money received from the Alberta Government through any other grant program (including funds provided through lottery fund disbursements) may not be used to meet the local cost-shared requirements. Federal grant funding will be treated in the same manner.

Eligible Non-Capital Activities

Not-for-profit organizations, major agricultural societies and regional agricultural societies may apply for funding to undertake programs, projects, and activities that encourage local initiative in agricultural programming. Primary agricultural societies are ineligible as they receive assistance for non-capital projects through the Agricultural Society Operating Grant program.

Eligible organizations may apply for funding for programs/projects such as:
  • rural training
  • leadership development
  • rural development programs
  • agricultural education projects (supporting livestock or crop production, food processing, soil and water conservation)
  • producer and consumer education agricultural awareness
  • applied research
We may also consider funding for activities such as:
  • exhibitions (fairs, trade shows, displays)
  • educational events (seminars, conferences, congresses)
  • hosting tours for education or promotion purposes within Alberta (only costs in Alberta will be eligible)
  • demonstrations
May be funded on a 3:1 (grant:applicant) cost-share basis.
  • local/regional projects grant maximum $20,000 per project.
  • provincial projects grant maximum $40,000 per project.
  • funding is possible each year for new projects.
  • normally, maximum three years funding for any one project.
You can meet the local cost share requirements in:
  • The form of money (no minimum)
  • Volunteer labour – maximum rate is $15/hr
  • Donated materials at market value for the project
Money received from the Alberta Government through any other grant program (including funds provided through lottery fund disbursements) may not be used to meet the local cost-shared requirements. Federal grant funding will be treated in the same manner.

Application Procedure

Applicants are encouraged to confirm eligibility by calling program staff before completing an application form.

Adequate accounting for any previous grants must be provided, prior to an application for subsequent funding.

Agricultural Initiative Program fiscal year runs April 1st through March 31st. Applications are reviewed throughout the year on a first-come, first-served basis.

Applications received from January through March may be returned for resubmission in the new fiscal year. The approval of any application is subject to the availability of lottery funds.

Grant staff may request MLA comments as part of the review process on capital projects.

Processing time is approximately 8 weeks. The estimated processing time is based on full application documentation being received by this office at time of submission.

The funding decision is provided by written correspondence.

Drew Hiltz, Program Manager
Phone: (780) 643-1830
Fax: (780) 422-1613
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Last Reviewed/Revised on December 8, 2016.