Alberta Century Farm & Ranch Award

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Alberta Agriculture and Forestry

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Tel: 780-968-6557 Fax: 780-963-4709
Farm families who have continuously owned and actively operated the same land for a minimum of 100 years or more; see below for details.
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Program Details
  Alberta Century Farm & Ranch Award information | Alberta Century Farm & Ranch Award Recipients

The foundation of farming and ranching
Farming and ranching consists of hard work and sacrifice, combined with a healthy dose of energy and unrelenting faith. This spirit and vision, complemented by a new land of limitless natural resources is what brought our forefathers to Alberta. They settled the land to build the family farm or ranch -- the place many of you continue to call home today.

Courage and determination was what our parents and grandparents had. And they had plenty of it. Marked by this same spirit of unshakeable resolve, it's not surprising that second and third generations continue to build this rich heritage of agriculture.

It's a heritage to be proud of. Reflected by personal sacrifices, perseverance and a commitment to a family way of life, it's a legacy that you too may pass onto your children.

An element of recognition
Keeping the farm or ranch from generation to generation and actively operating is an impressive achievement for any Alberta family. The Government of Alberta wishes to recognize these special families who built the foundation of prairie farming and ranching.

The Alberta Century Farm & Ranch Award salutes those families who have continuously owned and actively operated the same land for a minimum of 100 years.

It is important that these families be recognized. If you know of a century farm or ranch family in your area, pass this information along and have them complete the application form!

Am I eligible?
There are many century farms and ranches in Alberta. Criteria has been set to identify these families. It includes the following:

  • at the time of application your land has been continuously owned and actively farmed or ranched by your family* for a minimum of 100 years**
  • you can provide evidence clearly demonstrating the kinship ties between you and the founder of the farm, ranch or homestead
  • you can provide the legal land location
  • you can provide the date of homestead or farmland establishment***
  • you can provide the current ownership land title
  • the current size of the original homestead or land base should be at least 160 acres of land
Please note
*If you need clarification of the definition of 'family', please call toll-free 310-0000 then 780-968-6557.

** The 100 years starts from the time the land was occupied for farming or ranching. In many cases, this was before the homestead title was issued. Eligible land that has been rented to persons outside of the family during the 100 years and up to the time of application is ineligible for an award.

*** You can search the homestead document(s) at the Provincial Archives of Alberta yourself, or you can phone the Archives to do the search for you, for a charge. The address of the Archives is: Provincial Archives of Alberta, Reference Desk, 8555 Roper Road, Edmonton, Alberta, T6E 5W1. Phone: toll-free 310-0000 then 780-427-1750, Fax: 780-427-4646. For CPR land, HBC land or purchased land search, please call toll-free 310-0000 and then 780-968-6557.

The selection process
Eligible applicants will be awarded with a Century Farm & Ranch Award plaque. If you meet the requirements, please fill out an application form and submit four months prior to your 100th anniversary date or your family celebration date, whichever is earlier.

The Government of Alberta has the right to publish award information in celebration of this achievement and in promotional material for the award program.

The Century Award
Your family will receive a bronze plaque (approx. 14" x 10"), commemorating this 100-year milestone. This award, which can be placed at the gate or hung on a building, symbolizes your family's perseverance and their ability to keep farming or ranching in the face of change.

Above all else, it represents the hard work and desire to carry on what was 100 years ago a dream, then a reality, and now a family tradition.

This award reflects the Alberta Government's confidence in the modern farm and ranch family's ability to continue overcoming the constant challenges to remain on the land. The Government of Alberta salutes the enduring contribution farm and ranch families make to Alberta's continued economic success.

More Information ...
Please contact:
Alberta Century Farm & Ranch Award Program
Alberta Agriculture and Forestry
by phone: toll-free 310-0000 then 780-968-6557
by fax: 780-963-4709
by e-mail:
or by writing to 4709-44 Ave, Stony Plain, AB T7Z 1N4
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