Value-Added Products to Markets

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Program Information


Canadian Agricultural Partnership

For Further Information Contact:

Web: https://cap.alberta.ca
Email: AF.AG-GRANTS@gov.ab.ca
Eligible Applicants are Bio-Industrial Processors and Food Processors

Program Details
  The purpose of the Canadian Agricultural Partnership Value-Added Products to Markets Program is to support growth of Alberta‚Äôs value-added Food Processors and Bio-Industrial Processors. The Program targets Projects that enable growth of their businesses through increased sales related to the development of New Products, adoption of state-of-the-art processes, commercialization of products in New Markets, and expansion of their business in local, domestic and international markets.

Eligible Activities include:

  • Processing Capacity Expansion
  • Product and Process Development
  • Label and Package Development
  • Market Development
  • Export Preparation and Planning
  • Product Demonstration
Eligible Applicants are as follows:
  • Bio-Industrial Processors
  • Food Processors
Please refer to the Program Terms and Conditions for the definition of each Eligible Applicant.
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Last Reviewed/Revised on August 29, 2018.