Agriculture Opportunities Fund

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Agriculture Opportunities Fund Office
Alberta Agriculture and Forestry

For Further Information Contact:

Tel: 780-980-4878 Fax: 780-980-4237
Community based/agriculture related organizations that are incorporated as societies or cooperatives
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Service Details
  The Agriculture Opportunity Fund (AOF) is provided to eligible agriculture extension organizations to enhance or maintain their human resource and extension capacity to promote the long term sustainability of the agriculture industry and rural communities in Alberta. These organizations will use a collaborative approach and sound extension methodology to promote production practices that enhance competitiveness while maintaining responsible stewardship of the natural resources for the public good. For more information on the associations supported by this fund click here.

There are three program areas for the AOF:

    a. Manpower Program
    b. Agriculture Extension Program
    c. Environmental Stewardship Extension Activities Program

The overall outcomes of the AOF are:
    a. Enhanced competitiveness at the farm gate through: cost reduction, increased revenue and increased productivity.
    b. Supporting technology adoption by the development of applied research based information and demonstration through effective extension delivery.
    c. Producers understand how environmentally beneficial agricultural practices help the industry meet consumer expectation for responsible stewardship of land, air, water and biodiversity. Producers use these practices to maintain their operation’s sustainability
Funds are granted in 3 year program cycles. The current cycle is fully allocated with a new cycle starting April 2019.
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Last Reviewed/Revised on December 22, 2016.