On-Farm Stewardship

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Program Information


Growing Forward 2

For Further Information Contact:

Tel: 310-FARM (3276)
Web: http://www.growingforward.alberta.ca
Email: GrowingForward@gov.ab.ca

Program Details
  Program Purpose Statement

This Program funds projects that help livestock and crop producers implement on-farm management practices in five areas that positively impact water quality.

Program Description
The Growing Forward 2 On-Farm Stewardship Program helps producers implement projects and management practices that have a direct and positive impact on water quality. Funding is available in five categories that can influence water quality. Each category has its own program application.

Category A: Grazing Management. This includes riparian area fencing and management, summer and year-round watering systems, portable shelters or windbreaks and wetland restoration (some specific requirements apply; contact program lead for information.)

Category B: Manure and Livestock Facilities Management. This includes improvements to manure storage facilities, livestock facilities runoff control and livestock facilities relocation.

Category C: Improved Pest Management. This includes new purchases of low-drift nozzles and air induction tips, sprayer cones and shrouds, chemical handling systems with jug rinse, sectional control operation system, sprayer boom height control and weather monitoring equipment(upgrades, maintenance and replacement of existing equipment are not eligible.)

Category D: Fuel and Used Oil Storage. This includes the purchase of new double-walled fuel tanks that are CSA or ULC approved and/or double-walled storage tanks for used oil that are identified with a ULC-652 name plate. For an application for fuel storage to be accepted, at least one old fuel tank must be decommissioned.

Category E: Innovative Stewardship Solutions. Contact a Program Lead to discuss your innovative idea prior to applying for funding.

Additional On-Farm Stewardship information is available on-line.

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