Livestock Welfare Processor Program

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Program Information


Growing Forward 2

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Tel: 310-FARM

Program Details
  This program helps meat processors to improve animal handling and ensure humane slaughter at provincially or federally licensed meat and poultry facilities. This activity supports the growth and sustainability of Alberta’s livestock industry and provides a stable, socially acceptable business environment.

The Growing Forward 2 Livestock Welfare Processor Program helps the industry in three key areas.

  1. Enhanced profitability for processors. The program helps processors adopt new or improved animal welfare production practices that result in better quality meat and stronger profits.
  2. Increased market competitiveness. Implementing humane animal processing practices is an important priority for the livestock industry. A commitment to performance standards and new technologies that improve animal welfare will support the industry’s long-term growth.
  3. Public confidence in Alberta’s livestock sector. When Alberta processors address public concern about the care and handling of animals, particularly during slaughter, the livestock industry as a whole benefits.

Additional Livestock Welfare Processor program information, is available on-line.
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Last Reviewed/Revised on August 2, 2013.