Confined Feeding Operation (CFO) Stewardship Program

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Program Information


Growing Forward 2

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Program Details
  This program helps Alberta livestock operations assess their potential risk to water quality and implement management practices or make infrastructure improvements that positively influence water quality.

The Growing Forward 2 Confined Feeding Operation Stewardship Program helps the industry in three key areas.

  1. Less agricultural impact on water quality: The program funds improved infrastructure that reduces the risk of agricultural contaminates entering water sources. This boosts the economic viability of the industry while responding to public demand for good environmental practices.
  2. Improved business outcomes for livestock producers: The program enables producers to make informed business decisions that take into account economics and the environment. This ensures that sustainable business decisions can be made that support future efficiency and profitability.
  3. Improved market opportunities: The program helps producers with confined feeding operations, regardless of age, meet the present day legislated environmental standards. This demonstrates that the livestock industry is adaptive and resilient and can grow in an environmentally responsible manner.

Additional Confined Feeding Operation (CFO) Stewardship program information, is available on-line.
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Last Reviewed/Revised on August 17, 2017.