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Growing Forward 2

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  When natural disaster strikes, existing programs do not always address the extent of farmers' losses. In the past, governments have responded to these natural disasters on a case-by-case basis. This action created uncertainty for farmers while they waited for governments to determine if support was possible and at what level. At their July 11, 2008 meeting, Canada's federal, provincial and territorial Ministers of agriculture reached an important milestone and announced the completion of the multilateral Growing Forward framework. Included in the Business Risk Management suite of programs under Growing Forward is AgriRecovery.

What is AgriRecovery?

AgriRecovery is part of the new suite of Business Risk Management programs and allows federal and provincial governments to jointly respond to natural disasters (e.g., disease, weather) with quick, targeted assistance. The purpose of the program is to help affected producers resume business operations and/or take actions to mitigate the impacts of a disaster as quickly as possible.

AgriRecovery is a framework that provides a process for governments to quickly determine whether or not further assistance beyond existing programming already in place (e.g., CFIA, AgriStability, AgriInsurance) is warranted and if so, what form that assistance should take. Where federal and provincial governments agree that assistance is warranted, the form of assistance will be unique to the specific disaster situation.

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