Cropland Rental Agreements - Frequently Asked Questions

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 Do you have a blank form for a cropland rental agreement?
No, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development does not provide “fill in the blank” forms. Each farm will have a slightly different situation so it is important that both the landlord and tenant work together to ensure that the agreement used meets their specific needs.

Can you help me develop my own rental agreement?
Yes. We have a publication entitled “Leasing Cropland in Alberta” that explains the different types of rental agreements including crop share and cash rent. It also addresses the legal and tax issues that the landlord must consider. The reader is provided with everything they need to write up their own rental agreement, including an up-to-date sample agreement format that they can follow.

Where can I get this book?
You can order your own copy of Leasing Cropland in Alberta from our Publications Office by phoning 310-FARM (3276) toll-free. You can also order online using the link below.

How can I find out what the cash rent or crop share rates are in my area?
Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development surveys landlords and tenants each year to track the current cash rental and crop share rates being charged. This information is listed by municipality so you can find the current range for your area.

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Custom Rates Survey Results:
Crop and Pastureland Lease and Rental Rates 2007

Prepared by Dale Robinson, Ag-Info Centre, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development
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