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  The Food Safety Sentinel is a quarterly newsletter that targets Alberta Agriculture and Forestry’s provincially licensed meat facilities. The newsletter is a way to get food safety messages information and other topics of interest out to the meat facilities. It also contains upcoming events, contacts and funding opportunities.
Contact: Kimberly Comeau

Recent Articles from 'Food Safety Sentinel'

  Spring 2016
Age Verification in Cattle and the Important Role it Has in Food Safety

Winter 2016
Let's Welcome Dr. Saida Essendoubi: Surveillance Scientist
Poultry Inspection Moderinization: Pilot Project
Antimicrobial Processing Aids used on Meat and Poultry Surfaces
Biofilm: Bacteria self-preservation

Fall 2015
Food Safety Culture: 5 simple things you can do everyday
Meet the new Director of the Safe Food Branch: Dr. Natisha Stashko
Microbiological Baseline Survey on Beef Carcasses: Project Update
Feed Withdrawal Reduces Carcass Contamination in Broilers

Summer 2015
Meat Inspection Modernization - Shifting Focus: Future programs and activities
Fly and Insect Season is Here: Things to consider to help reduce insect pest activity in and around your facility
Specified Risk Material (SRM) Requirements
Alberta Pork Continues to Work Traceability
SAIT Butchery and Charcuterie Management Certificate
Sanitation Reminder Quick Facts

Industry Day 2015
Industry Day 2015 Highlights Moderinization of Meat Inspection

March 2015
Changes to the Meat Inspection Regulation: What has Changed and What is the Impact?
Emergency Slaughter: What are the Options in Alberta?
CFIA Food Labelling Information Service in Alberta
Canada-Alberta Job Grant
Five-Step Method for Cleaning and Sanitizing
Food Safety and Lean Manufacuturing: What is the Connection?

December 2014
How to Control and Reduce E. coli O157:H7 in Meat Facilities
The Interactive Map is up and Running!

September 2014
Meet the new Director of the Meat Inspection Branch: Darlene Dittrich
Meet the new Food Safety Policy and Extension Section Head: Jeannette Sarac
National Meat Training Centre at Olds College Celebrates Grand Reopening
Project Protein: Providing protein to food bank families across Southern Alberta
Mandatory Labelling Requirements for Mechanically Tenderized Beef - Effective August 21, 2014
Root Cause Analysis: 5 "Whys"
New Funding Opportunity Available!

June 2014
Industry Day 2014 in Red Deer
Alberta Pork Calling on All of Industry to Participate in Movement Reporting
Alberta Agriculture Processors and Producers Labour Employment Needs Summary Report
New Halal Labelling Requirements
Introducing The New Food Safety and Animal Welfare Divisional Web Page

March 2014
Comparing Food Safety and Food Quality
How Can Livestock Welfare Affect Meat Quality?
What is 'Food Safety Culture'?

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