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  AgriProfit$ Newsletter for Alberta Cattlemen

The AgriProfit$ Newsletter for Alberta Cattlemen provides Alberta beef producers with timely information, analysis, applied research and commentary on the economics and business management of cow/calf operations. Newsletter articles focus on information and thought-provoking discussions on what you can do to improve your herd’s bottom line.

Each edition of the AgriProfit$ Newsletter contains:

  • A feature article, exploring an issue in-depth,
  • A “Market Watch” section, providing market information and analysis,
  • Notes on upcoming events, and
  • A “So What …?” column, designed to take you quickly into a topic, deliver a message, and leave you with some food for thought.
Articles are contributed by a cross-section of AF staff, ranging from extension to research specialists.

Recent Articles from 'AgriProfit$'

  From the October 4, 2013 Issue of AgriProfi$ (Volume 9, No. 2)
Market Fundamentals and Outlook
So What's..."Your Return on Investment?"

From the September 17, 2012 Issue of AgriProfit (Volume 8, No. 1)
Information for Strategic Value

From the November 15, 2010 Issue of AgriProfit$
Evaluating Change
So What's ... In It For Me?

From the June 14, 2006 Issue of AgriProfit$
So What ... Do Next Generation's Beef Producers Look Like?

From the Jan 18, 2006 Issue of AgriProfit$
20 Tips to Make the Best Use of Your Winter Feed

From the Mar 15, 2004 Issue of AgriProfit$
So You Kept Your Calves
Market Watch
So What's.........Going on at the U of A?

From the Dec 2, 2003 Issue of AgriProfit$
So What's....."Raising Cows, Raising Profits"

From the Jan 12, 2001 Issue of AgriProfit$
Let's Sharpen Our Pencils!
Market Watch - January 2001
So What .. Did Harlan Have to Say?

From the Nov 10, 2000 Issue of AgriProfit$
So What's .. Going on With CowProfit$?

From the Oct 12, 2000 Issue of AgriProfit$
So What ... Is A Profit Center?

From the Sept 1, 2000 Issue of AgriProfit$
AgriProfit$ and Cow Profit$ So What's This All About?

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