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  AgriProfit$ Newsletter for Alberta Cattlemen

The AgriProfit$ Newsletter for Alberta Cattlemen provides Alberta beef producers with timely information, analysis, applied research and commentary on the economics and business management of cow/calf operations. Newsletter articles focus on information and thought-provoking discussions on what you can do to improve your herd’s bottom line.

Each edition of the AgriProfit$ Newsletter contains:

  • A feature article, exploring an issue in-depth,
  • A “Market Watch” section, providing market information and analysis,
  • Notes on upcoming events, and
  • A “So What …?” column, designed to take you quickly into a topic, deliver a message, and leave you with some food for thought.
Articles are contributed by a cross-section of AF staff, ranging from extension to research specialists.

Recent Articles from 'AgriProfit$'

  From the October 4, 2013 Issue of AgriProfi$ (Volume 9, No. 2)
Market Fundamentals and Outlook
So What's..."Your Return on Investment?"

From the November 15, 2010 Issue of AgriProfit$
Evaluating Change
So What's ... In It For Me?

From the June 14, 2006 Issue of AgriProfit$
So What ... Do Next Generation's Beef Producers Look Like?

From the Dec 2, 2003 Issue of AgriProfit$
So What's....."Raising Cows, Raising Profits"

From the Jan 12, 2001 Issue of AgriProfit$
Let's Sharpen Our Pencils!
Market Watch - January 2001
So What .. Did Harlan Have to Say?

From the Oct 12, 2000 Issue of AgriProfit$
So What ... Is A Profit Center?

From the Sept 1, 2000 Issue of AgriProfit$
AgriProfit$ and Cow Profit$ So What's This All About?

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