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  The Specialty Cosmetic Ingredient (SCI) Initiative is focused on and helping to build a globally competitive plant-based cosmetic & personal care ingredient industry in Alberta.

The SCI Initiative collaborates with and includes partners from local industry, research institutions, industry organizations, growers, international cosmetic firms and service agencies, including funders. The emerging Alberta specialty cosmetic ingredients industry is beginning to see a growth in critical mass and core capacity.

The priority for the SCI Initiative is on the enhancement of the Alberta cosmetic ingredient industry’s capabilities, capacity, and to increase market access, competitiveness and opportunities for existing and new Alberta companies, researchers and organizations.

The goal of the SCI is to support the bio-based processing industry with 1) growth in Alberta, 2) utilization of extracts/ingredients from traditional and non-traditional Alberta grown crops, and 3) creation of a diversified economy for this high value added industry.

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Last Reviewed/Revised on July 10, 2014.