Hort Snacks - December 2017

  Hort Snacks - December 2017
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 Fall is over, winter is here and the final edition of the 9th year of Hort Snacks is done. The growing season has wrapped up for the vast majority of you, unless you grow a winter greenhouse crop.

In this edition, you’ll find some archived articles about signage, as well as an extensive list of workshops, webinars and conferences that span the main three months of the extension season. There are a couple of articles on pests and some interesting ideas from your peers on recognizing the contributions of others. There is also a bit of information on a program related to environmental projects (see ECO Canada), which merits a closer look.

As the winter holiday season approaches, we wish you the very best for you and your family and hope that the New Year is full of joy, happiness, good fortune and good weather. We look forward to hearing from and/or seeing many of you at the various events that we’re putting on or attending (hint – you should attend them – they’ll be worth it). Don’t be a stranger. Drop us a note. Give us an update. Send us some ideas for things you’d like to hear about this next year.

Rob Spencer/Dustin Morton Commercial Horticulture Specialists

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This information published to the web on November 29, 2017.