A Growing Gift to Gardening Enthusiasts

  From the November 27, 2017 Issue of Agri-News
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 Information about Alberta’s native plants, as well as growing and maintaining healthy gardens and landscapes makes a great gift. Alberta Agriculture and Forestry (AF) has several publications that might be a perfect fit for the gardener on your list.
  • Weed Seedling Guide ($10 plus GST) – the second edition of this convenient, pocket-size booklet helps producers and others correctly identify weed seedlings. This coil-bound publication features information on 62 broad-leaved weeds and 10 grasses. The weeds are organized by cotyledon (seed-leaf) shape to make identification easier, and the book has seed-leaf shape drawings and full-colour weed seedling images, a table of commonly confused weeds and a glossary of terms.
  • Alberta Yards and Gardens ($15 plus GST) – gives a fresh, unbiased look at what grows best in Alberta. The book is packed with information about selecting ornamental trees and shrubs, lawns, small fruits and berries, flowers, vegetables, herbs and even water plants. Homeowners, hobby gardeners, serious horticulturists and landscape artists will find this book invaluable. It also gives tips and techniques for pruning, wintering roses, container gardening and attracting birds and butterflies.
  • Saskatoon Berry Production Manual ($15 plus GST) – a comprehensive guide to Saskatoon berry production. Topics include: biology of the plant, propagation, cultivars, orchard establishment, cultural practices, pruning techniques, plant health, harvest and post-harvest management as well as basic marketing. Full-colour images, line drawings, tables and charts enhance the information in the text. Saskatoon berry experts from across the prairies collaborated on the manual to create a valuable reference for anyone growing Saskatoon berries. In addition, a detailed Appendix provides supplementary resource material to help answer any questions growers may have.
  • Pruning in Alberta ($3 plus GST) – this great stocking-stuffer takes the mystery out of pruning. This book shows how to control and maintain trees and shrubs without distorting their natural form and beauty. Also included are tips for increasing fruit harvest and improving flowering.
  • Weeds of the Prairies ($25 plus GST) - full colour photos and illustrations detailing 112 weeds make this the most complete work of its kind on the Canadian prairies. Weeds are colour-coded by flower colour for easy reference, and the full index makes it easy to find the species by common, scientific or family name. Charts on life cycle and habitat provide valuable information, and maps show how widespread particular weeds are. This 266-page book will make planning a weed control program easier and more effective. It can also help youngsters learn how to identify weeds.
  • Hobby Greenhouses in Alberta ($8 plus GST) with a small greenhouse, avid gardeners can extend their growing season and expand the range of crops they can grow. This well-illustrated, 81 page book tells you how to build, heat and manage a small greenhouse. You will also learn the basic requirements of plants and how to grow specific vegetable, fruit and ornamental crops.
A full list of books and DVDs from AF is available on their website.

Any of these books, DVDs and CD-ROMs can be ordered online or by calling the Publications Office at 780-427-0391 in Edmonton.

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This information published to the web on November 9, 2017.