Reports See Growth for Canada's Agriculture Exports

  From the November 13, 2017 Issue of Agri-News
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 Canada is about to strengthen its position as one of the world’s top agriculture and agri-food trading nations, according to a pair of reports issued by Farm Credit Canada (FCC).

“Our optimism comes from a unique set of circumstances where demand for both Canada’s agriculture commodities and manufactured food products continues to grow,” says J.P. Gervais, chief agricultural economist for FCC. “The stars are aligned for an industry that is already strong and has the potential to grow in a highly competitive world market.”

Canada was the world’s fifth largest exporter of agriculture and the 11th largest exporter of manufactured food products in 2016, according to the FCC’s trade ranking reports.

“Our reports confirm that agriculture is and will continue to be a major contributor to Canada’s growth and prosperity,” says Gervais, echoing of the findings the Advisory Council on Economic Growth’s report, Unleashing the Growth Potential of Key Sectors.

The landmark report, released in February, notes that Canadian agriculture already employs 2.1 million workers and accounts for 6.7 per cent of the country’s gross national product (GDP).

Trevor Sutter
Corporate Communication
Farm Credit Canada

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This information published to the web on October 31, 2017.