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  From the October 30, 2017 Issue of Agri-News
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 While Alberta Agriculture and Forestry (AF)’s AgriProfit$ program has wrapped up for 2017, more improvements are already being put in place for 2018.

“AgriProfit$ is a free cost-of-production survey program to help Alberta producers with decision-making,” says Anatoliy Oginskyy, senior production economist, AF. “The program has two interrelated objectives. First, it aims to help farmers analyze their decision-making activities by producing customized economic reports for them. Second, it produces provincial and regional economic benchmarks from the gathered data that can be used by producers, government and industry in making informed decisions. Alberta is the only province in Canada that offers this kind of support for producers.”

Farmers participating in the survey itself receive customized economic reports - a budget sheet, income statement, and analyses of major enterprises like cow-calf, drylot, and crops.

“The income statement, for example, allows users to see how much livestock and different crop enterprises contribute to the farm sales, which enterprises are profitable, and which are not. And, even more importantly, the reports help answer questions such as what the causes of any losses are, and whether they were caused by prices, non-favourable weather conditions or management issues. The reports are also can be used when negotiating investment and lending opportunities and options with financial and or lending institutions.”

While economic information often involves technical terms that can be difficult to read or understand, AgriProfit$ is trying to make things as clear and simple as possible. “We take this issue of clarity very seriously,” says Oginskyy. “Producers may have noticed that we are already using graphics to make the information more visual and easier to understand. And although our resources are limited, we also provide one-on-one support and consulting for those producers who need this. However, much more still has to be done in this direction.

“Our small team does everything we can to increase the value of the service for producers, especially in improving quality of the reports and in decreasing turnaround time. We are also extending the number of services provided to farmers. As well, starting with the upcoming year, we’ll be producing environmental footprint reports for selected producers. This information should be a real benefit to those, like organic producers, who use environmentally friendly technologies.”

For more information or to apply for AgriProfit$, contact Ann Boyda at 780-422-4088 for beef cattle business analysis, or Rawlin Thangaraj at 780-422-4056 for crops business analysis. More information is also available on AF’s webpage.

The program will be accepting applicants until the end of November.

Anatoliy Oginskyy

Ann Boyda

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This information published to the web on October 5, 2017.