Weed Control on Lexin Resources Ltd. Well Sites

  From the July 24, 2017 Issue of Agri-News
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 The Farmers’ Advocate Office (FAO) says landowners with Lexin Resources Ltd (Lexin) sites that require weed control may need to contact the Orphan Wells Association (OWA) to see if the site is on the orphan well inventory, and, if so, clarify when weed control will be available.

“The Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) suspended the licences for all wells, facilities, and pipelines belonging to Lexin Resources Ltd. (Lexin) in March 2017 to ensure public safety and limit environmental and financial risks,” says Jeana Schuurman, rural engagement and communications specialist with the FAO. “Landowners are now asking us about what’s going to happen for weed control on these sites.

“First off, there might be a Working Interest Participant (WIP) on the licence. If so, this means another company has a percentage interest in the licence for a wellsite, facility or pipeline. If a WIP has been identified for a Lexin site, then the company that has the interest is responsible for care and custody of the site, and landowners are encouraged to work with them to ensure weed control needs are met.

“On the sites where no WIP was identified, the OWA has been assigned care and custody. The OWA has begun a weed control program for the Lexin properties and will be contacting landowners to obtain consent for weed control on the leases.”

The OWA’s weed control program for the Lexin sites will start in the Vulcan area then move to the Long Coulee area, followed by the High River area, and then towards the Brant area.

“If your Lexin site requires weed control, the FAO recommends you contact the OWA to see if your site is on the orphan well inventory and then clarify when weed control will be offered,” says Schuurman. “If the team is not working within your area at the current time and your need is urgent, landowners are encouraged to contact the OWA at 403-297-6416 to make arrangements.”

For more information, contact the FAO through the Ag Info Centre at 310-FARM (3276).

Alberta Ag-Info Centre
310-FARM (3276)

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