Canada's Food Guide Consultation

  From the July 4, 2017 Issue of Agri-News
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 Health Canada is revising Canada’s Food Guide to strengthen its recommendations for healthy eating. The food guide provides practical healthy eating recommendations based on the best evidence to help consumers make informed food choices.

All interested individuals and stakeholders have an opportunity to contribute to the revision process. The first open consultation was held last year. The second open consultation is now underway, and will remain so, until July 25, 2017.

The input from this online consultation will help to finalize recommendations and develop them into consumer messages, tools, and resources. A new suite of Canada’s Food Guide resources will be rolled out beginning early next year.

During the revision process, Health Canada says that Canada’s 2007 Food Guide can continue to be used as a trusted source of information on healthy eating. Resources that are based on the 2007 Food Guide can also continue to be used.

For more information or to participate in the online consultation, go to

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This information published to the web on June 22, 2017.