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  From the May 15, 2017 Issue of Agri-News
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 Marking a new phase of Alberta Wheat Commission’s (AWC) marketing strategy, AWC has officially launched its first consumer marketing campaign: “Life’s Simple Ingredient.”

“AWC knows it is important to our farmers to promote Alberta wheat as part of a healthy diet. Our campaign is designed to make people feel good about eating wheat,” says Tom Steve, general manager, AWC.

A main driver for the launch of “Life’s Simple Ingredient” is to fulfill consumers’ curiosity and interest in where their food comes from.

“Life’s Simple Ingredient” actively encourages and educates Alberta’s urban public on the consumption of wheat as an essential component in nourishing their families. The campaign calls on local influencers such as nutritionists, bloggers, chefs and dieticians to help share AWC’s messaging and become a champion for Alberta wheat.

“Foods made from whole-grains, such as whole wheat bread, offer plenty of fibre and antioxidants to help the body recover from vigorous physical activity and replenish the energy store in muscles,” said Nicole LeTourneau, nutritionist, Calgary Board of Education. “Whole-grains are ideal for my clients who are active parents with growing children. They are a critical element of a healthy diet.”

“Life’s Simple Ingredient” promotes high-quality Alberta wheat, a historically versatile ingredient, through interactive videos, articles, recipes and more. The campaign celebrates the ease of eating local with over 8.4 million tonnes of wheat produced a year in Alberta alone. Further, a broad range of cultures use wheat for culinary creations for each and every meal.

“Wheat has played a significant role in shaping Alberta’s heritage and has always been an important part of our diets. It’s a wholesome food ingredient we use on a daily basis to sustain ourselves. I think it’s important for Albertans to remember whole-wheat is an essential part of a healthy diet,” says Steve.

Visit “Life’s Simple Ingredient” website and check its Instagram - @LifesSimpleIngredient, Facebook - @LifeSimpleIngredient and Twitter - @LifeIngredient.

Media Inquiries:
Megan Hall
Marketing and Events Coordinator
Alberta Wheat Commission

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This information published to the web on May 4, 2017.