Organizing Local Food Events

  From the May 8, 2017 Issue of Agri-News
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 Alberta Agriculture and Forestry (AF) has revised its Organizing Local Food Events in Alberta booklet.

“Albertans organize community events across the province, and food is usually one aspect of these events,” says Eileen Kotowich, farmers’ market specialist, AF. “Specifically, a local food event features foods grown and prepared close to the event location, and extra effort is often required to source local ingredients.”

Events can range from a single meeting, featuring a single caterer who specializes in local foods, to something complex, such as a multi-day festival of food where chefs, farmers and others gather to present a variety of dishes to a large crowd.

“This newly revised publication explains a variety of formats for presenting local foods to guests, discusses the challenges of sourcing the best ingredients and shares tips learned from past events,” says Kotowich.

Topics covered in the booklet include defining local for an event, creating an asset list, targeting the audience, finding financial support, and more.

“With creativity and energy, you can ensure that great food events are possible,” adds Kotowich. “There is growing enthusiasm for all things local.”

The newly revised factsheet is available from AF’s website. Hard copies are available from AF’s publications office at 780-427-0391 or via e-mail at

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This information published to the web on April 27, 2017.