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  From the March 21, 2016 issue of Agri-News
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 Alberta Agriculture and Forestry (AF) has a number of resources to help educate rural parents and youth on how to stay safe and healthy on the farm. “AF has activity books, guidelines, booklets, signs, and decals, all designed to help Alberta farm families thrive in a culture of safety” says Raelyn Peterson, farm safety coordinator for AF.

The new Animal Safety Adventures with Farm Safety Star activity book teaches young children important livestock safety information with stories, hazard hunts, puzzles, and more. Children learn the importance of understanding animal behaviours, and how to identify dangerous situations involving animals around the yard.

AF has compiled guidelines of tasks that relate to Alberta farms, and created an Alberta-specific publication called “Children and Farm Chores.” This resource helps parents accurately assess when their child is ready to take on increased responsibilities around the farm.

The Quick ’N’ Dirty Guide to Farm Safety is a new take on a very popular information booklet. This guide fits in the pocket of your coat or coveralls, and is full of bite-sized bits of information. Topics include farm machinery safety, personal protective equipment, ATV safety, livestock safety, and information on the safe handling of agricultural “sharps” (needles, scalpel blades, or broken glass from medicine bottles). More popular features of the booklet include a measurement conversion table, diagrams for tying useful knots, and a guide for identifying popular bolt and screw heads. This is a must-have resource for any young farm worker.

In addition to information resources, AF has an assortment of safety decals and signage to warn of dangerous areas, indicate where to find safety tools, and remind workers of specific safety practices. Reminders such as “No Play Area,” “Danger – Chemical Storage,” “First Aid Kit Inside,” “One Seat – One Rider,” and “Helmet On – Every Time, Every Ride,” continually keep safety top of mind no matter where you go on the farm.

“Spring is a great time to focus on integrating more health and safety practices into your operation, especially where your kids are involved. Give us a call or email so we can provide you with resources that are age-appropriate, hands-on, and even fun for your kids.”

To order any of the aforementioned resources, please contact Peterson.

Raelyn Peterson

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