Reserve Land Taken Upon Subdivision

  From the February 1, 2016 issue of Agri-News
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 Landowners are sometimes unaware that portions of land can be taken by their county for reserve lands upon subdivision.

“In Alberta, the Municipal Government Act (MGA) gives a subdivision authority the power to require a landowner to dedicate land for reserves, roads and utilities upon subdivision,” says Jeana Les, research and communications specialist at the Farmers’ Advocate Office (FAO). “It’s important to understand that compensation is not provided for reserve lands taken at the time of subdivision.”

There are four types of reserves - environmental, school, municipal, or municipal and school.

“Environmental reserves may be acquired for environmentally significant areas, whereas the other types are directed towards public goods such as schools, parks, or recreation areas,” explains Les. “Details for each type of reserve are outlined in greater detail in the MGA.”

The FAO has a summary document on reserves available on its website under Rural Disputes. Questions can be emailed to Jeana Les or posed to the Ag Info Centre at 310-FARM (3276).

For more information, call 310-FARM (3276).

Alberta Ag-Info Centre
310-FARM (3276)

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