Cropping Alternatives 2016

  From the January 18, 2016 issue of Agri-News
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 Alberta Agriculture and Forestry (AF) has released the Cropping Alternatives forecast for 2016.

“Cropping Alternatives is a regional forecast for new crop (2016)based on the most current cost of production information from the AgriProfit$ business analysis and research program, as well as from estimates of expected revenues and costs from various sources,” says Rawlin Thangaraj, crops economist, AF, Edmonton. “This forecast gives an indication of the producers’ expected margins for the new crop by soil zones for different crops.”

Cropping Alternatives forecasts margins based on benchmark yields, current costs of production, expected revenues and costs by soil zone. With this information, says Thangaraj, producers can get an indication of their margins in dollars per acre.

“It also gives the producer their total cost per bushel and the target yields required to break even, as well as an indication of how the margins compare between different crops for a soil zone. However, bear in mind that costs vary based on differing capital investment of farms and production practice. Yields and prices can vary for different operations as well within the regions. It’s always recommended that the producer take this into account. Producers can use their forward or future prices and their actual costs and do their own calculations, too.”

Cropping Alternatives 2016 is available on AF’s website. For more information, call the Alberta Ag-Info Centre at 310-FARM (3276).

Alberta Ag-Info Centre
310-FARM (3276)

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