Agri-Profit$ and the Measures That Matter

  From the January 11, 2016 issue of Agri-News
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 The AgriProfit$ program can help farmers and ranchers with evaluating what worked in 2015, what didn’t, and with formulating plans for 2016.

“Agriprofit$ program is a business analysis program for Alberta crop and beef producers that provides economic analysis and farm business management information to the participant using their own numbers,” says Ali Cagdas, production economist, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, Edmonton. “The program focusses on delivering ‘measures that matter’ linking an activity or a choice to a business result, or measure of success.”

Cagdas says include measures at the:

  • activity or crop level relating to inputs, production, costs and revenues
  • enterprise level that relate to how effective that group of activities delivered
  • farm level, like net farm income and return on investment, that address how the sum of all farm activities has performed in total
“Together, these ‘measures that matter’ also relate cause to effect in explaining how a particular input or management practice can contribute to profitability,” says Cagdas.

Producers joining the AgriProfit$ program will get ‘these measures that matter’ for their own business. “AgriProfit$ participants tell us that they’ve taken back control of their business. They’re using ‘measures that matter’ to make more effective business management decisions.”

Cagdas says that AgriProfit$ participants:
  • understand what their long term average costs are
  • can identify targets for what their costs should be
  • are more effective at identifying and implementing business options and opportunities
“There is no cost for participation. The cost is the investment of time. In return, they receive a business analysis of their own farm, using their own numbers to use in making profitable management decisions.”

For more information, contact Ali Cagdas at 780-422-2903, by email at or go to the Agri-Profit$ webpage. Enrollment for this year’s program will stay open until the middle of January.

Ali Cagdas
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