Hort Snacks - May 2017

  Hort Snacks - May 2017
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 Welcome to another edition of Hort Snacks. In some years, we’d expect to have no time for reading, as there would be a flurry of seeding and planting activity underway, as well as orchard maintenance and the like. However, due to the delay in the arrival of spring in most areas of Alberta, with lots of moisture (arriving as both clear and white), things are pretty slow getting off the ground. Hopefully the sun will come out more often and the fields will warm and dry quickly, letting things get under way in short order.

With the extra time that you might have for reading, this “jumbo-sized” edition should fit the bill nicely. Inside, you’ll find a number of articles reminding you of the potential for Late blight. You’ll also find some interesting information and thoughts from your peers on how weather is or isn’t changing, as well as some musings on the topic. There are the usual articles on pests to watch out for. And last, but not least, you’ll find the results of the Alberta Direct Market Fruit & Vegetable Price Survey, which is conducted annually. It is getting harder and harder to gather this information in the “old way”, so expect a different delivery method next year. But this will give you a round surface view of what average produce prices are being reported for this coming year.

Planning is underway for some summer and fall extension programming, so if you have thoughts or ideas to share, please do so. As always, we’re just a phone call or email away, so please feel free to share thoughts, updates or questions/suggestions with us.

Rob Spencer & Dustin Morton, Commercial Horticulture Specialists

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This information published to the web on April 27, 2017.