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Exporting Agriculture and Food Products

Export Market Selection
Market research is an essential part of export business planning. It is important to obtain information about potential export markets and develop an export marketing plan.
You can start by researching:
  • Demographics
  • Economic profiles
  • Geography
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Political and legal aspects
  • Trade practices and customs
  • Culture and consumer patterns
  • Transportation and communication systems
  • Risk assessment
  • Currency/inflation rates
When you have done the research on these and other issues that may have an impact on your product or service, you can make an informed decision about exporting.
Read online:
International markets (Canada Business Network)
Guide to market research and analysis (Canada Business Network)
Marketing basics (Canada Business Network)
Market Research Resources
Export Controls
For requirements to be allowed to export from Canada. These links also have information on requirements of foreign markets, particularly United States.
Key Contacts for Lead Generation
General Information for Agri-Food Exporters
Government Grants for Agri-Food Exporters
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