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  Exporting Agriculture and Food Products

Export Readiness
August 2017Listing Fees or Slotting Allowances - Many grocery store chains charge listing fees that cover their costs in rearranging the store shelves and the warehouse, plus the administration costs associated with adding a new product.
July 2017Potential Costs of Entering Global Markets - costs associated with entering a foreign market
July 2017Brokers and Distributors – Your Partner in the Market - brokers and distributors link manufacturers to retailers and can help you sell your product
July 2017Meeting with Buyers - Be Prepared For the Meeting - making your presentation, what to take, buyer questions and more.
July 2017Certificate of Free Sale - document required in certain countries or for certain commodities
March 2017 The Step-by-Step Guide to Exporting by Canada’s Trade Commissioner Service compiles practical insight and proven tips used successfully by thousands of Canadian firms of all sizes and in all sectors.
The Guide will help you to:
  • assess your company's export readiness
  • create an export marketing plan
  • research and select your target market
  • realize the benefits of free trade agreements
  • identify delivery methods for your target market
  • develop a sound financial plan
  • understand the key legal aspects of international trade
  • apply corporate social responsibility practices
August 2016Step-by-Step Guide to Exporting Commercial Goods from Canada (Canada Border Services Agency) - Your small or medium-sized business can get an overview of the process for exporting goods from Canada. The Canada Border Services Agency's guide provides information on exporting in a straightforward, step-by-step format.
May 2016To go to trade shows or not (www.tradeready.ca) - There are three common forms of participation in a trade show:
  1. Companies can attend as visitors to view the competition, assess the market and develop a list of contacts for later follow-up.
  2. Companies can participate as exhibitors, raising awareness, developing contacts and enhancing prestige.
  3. Companies can participate in panel discussions or make a presentation. By securing a speaking invitation, companies can create a profile without incurring the expenses of exhibition.
Read more.
2016How to Succeed in Foreign Markets ebook (Business Development Bank of Canada)
Find out everything you need to expand abroad. Learn how to get your business ready, choose the best markets and develop a market entry plan. Sigh up to get the free e-book.
2016Are you ready to go global? - Business Development Canada (BDC)
Are you ready to go global? Step by step articles to help your business succeed.
Entrepreneur Stories, Target Market, International Markets, Strategies and more
2016Market Research Links
  • Export Market Selection
  • Market Research Resources
  • Export Controls
  • Tariff Information
  • Key Contacts for Lead Generation
  • General Information for Agri-Food Exporters
  • Government Grants for Agri-Food Exporters
Export Documentation

2016 Exporting Goods from Canada (Canadian Border Services Association) - This site provides details on export reporting requirements and links to:
  • Canadian Harmonized System (HS) Codes for Export Classification
  • Export Reporting
  • Other Requirements
2016Certificates of Origin Available Online (Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada)
A Certificate of Origin is a document that authenticates the country of origin of merchandise being shipped overseas. Proving where your product comes from is a requirement for many customs authorities before goods are allowed to enter foreign countries. You need to register for TradeCert.
Tariff Information and Tools
2017Canada Tariff Finder - tool allows Canadian companies to quickly find information about tariffs that may be added to the goods they export to foreign markets under the various free trade agreements (FTAs) Canada has made with other countries.
2017World Trade Organization - Tariff Download Facility - database contains comprehensive information on Most- Favoured-Nation applied and bound tariffs at the standard codes of the Harmonized System for all World Trade Organization Members.
2017Government of Canada - provides information on foreign customs tariffs for Canadian exporters.
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