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  Exporting Agriculture and Food Products

Exporting Agriculture and Food Products
2016Ministers of International Trade and Small Business and Tourism announce new export program for Canadian companies (Government of Canada) - CanExport will provide Canadian small businesses with matching contributions of between $10,000 and $100,000 toward export development costs.
Agricultural equipment manufacturers, fertilizer manufacturers and consultants or contractors in the business of building food facilities are eligible.
(Agriculture and processed food, fish and seafood, and wine, beer and spirits sectors are excluded from CanExport).
June 2014Be Prepared for the Buyer Meeting - This fact sheet provides tips on what to take, making your presentation, and questions that buyers may ask.
June 2014Be Prepared Financially - This fact sheet outlines some of the costs to enter an export market.
June 2014Listing Fees, Slotting Allowances, Pay-to-Stay Fees - In grocery marketing, shelf space and position are critical. Listing fees can determine where an item gets placed.
June 2014Brokers and Distributors - This fact sheet includes information on partner profiling and selection, working with your partner, and elements of a good partnership.
Export Documentation

2016 Exporting Goods from Canada (Canadian Border Services Association)
This site provides details on export reporting requirements and links to:
  • Canadian Harmonized System (HS) Codes for Export Classification
  • Export Reporting
  • Other Requirements
2016Certificates of Origin Available Online (Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada)
A Certificate of Origin is a document that authenticates the country of origin of merchandise being shipped overseas. Proving where your product comes from is a requirement for many customs authorities before goods are allowed to enter foreign countries. You need to register for TradeCert.
December 2013Certificate of Free Sale
A certificate of free sale is a document required in certain countries or for certain commodities, certifying that the specified imported goods are normally and freely sold in the exporting country's open markets and are approved for export.
Export Readiness
2016How to Succeed in Foreign Markets ebook (Business Development Bank of Canada)
Find out everything you need to expand abroad. Learn how to get your business ready, choose the best markets and develop a market entry plan. Free e-book
2016Are you ready to go global? - Business Development Canada (BDC)
Are you ready to go global? Step by step articles to help your business succeed.
Entrepreneur Stories, Target Market, International Markets, Strategies and more
2016Transparency International - 2015 Corruption Index
Corrupt practices are more common in some countries than in others. Before doing business in a particular market, an exporting company should try to assess the level of corruption it’s likely to encounter. Transparency International (TI), the largest international NGO dedicated to monitoring and reporting on global corruption, can assist. Every year, TI publishes its Corruption Perceptions Index, which ranks the world’s countries according to the perceived level of their corruption in demanding bribes.
2016Export Guides and Tools (Canada Business Network)
From developing an export plan to delivering your goods, you can find it here:
  • Starting to export
  • Financing
  • Market research
  • Marketing, sales and logistics
  • Laws, regulations and permits
2015Six Steps to Export Success (Export Development Canada)
"Are you ready to get serious about selling internationally?" Download EDC's white paper Six Steps to Export Success and learn how to:
  • Find your target market
  • Negotiate contracts
  • Manage risks
  • Deliver to customers
2011Step-by-Step Guide to Exporting (Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada)
This guide is a great tool for companies preparing to export. It covers the entire process of exporting. It is available both online and in hard copy.
Export Marketing Video Series
2011Export Marketing - short videos on marketing agriculture and food products internationally presented by Ted Kouri, Incite Marketing.
- Marketing Trends | 3:40
- Four Strategies for Effective Marketing | 4:23
- Elevator Pitch | 2:50
- Branding | 2:54
- Marketing Planning | 4:17
- Positioning - Understanding Customers | 3:53
- Positioning - Understanding Your Competitors |4:56
- Sales - Ten Tips for Stronger Relationships | 3:16
- Strategic Positioning | 5:20
- Building a Brand | 4:08
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