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Salinity Distribution in the Municipal District of Acadia

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 The M.D. of Acadia has 125 saline seeps which occupy a total of 1 810 ha (4 472 ac), representing 1.6% of the M.D.'s total area. The visibly saline areas have such high salinity levels that annual crops cannot be grown and forage crops have significantly reduced yields. Often the lands surrounding the visibly saline areas are also weakly saline, resulting in reduced yields especially for salt-sensitive crops.

Salinity distribution by type in the M.D. of Acadia

Salinity type
Number of seeps
Area (ha)
Percent of total saline area
Contact/slope change
Depression bottom
1 411.94
Coulee bottom
1 810.71

Depression bottom salinity occupies the greatest area (78.0% of all saline land in the M.D.), followed by coulee bottom salinity (20.0%), and contact/slope change salinity (2.0%). There is no evidence that outcrop salinity, artesian salinity, slough ring salinity, canal seepage salinity, and natural/irrigation salinity occur in the M.D.

Number of saline seeps by type in the M.D. of Acadia

Salinity Type

Please refer to Salinity Classification, Mapping and Management in Alberta for more information.

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