Agricultural Societies Program: Annual Report and Grant Application Guidelines

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Annual report deadline is January 15, 2015. Failure to provide all the required information may result in your Agricultural Society's Grant Application not being processed. Please use forms provided only.


All societies must complete parts 1 to 8.
Societies wishing to apply for the optional grant must also complete part 9.

1. Submission Checklist:

      A checklist for submission form is available. Please use it to make sure all information has been included in your application. Keep a copy of your submission and send your application to our office.

      Note: Director's signatures are required on the checklist sheet.
2. 2014 Director’s List:
      List all the elected directors who will be representing your agricultural society for the 2015 year. Remember, you must have at least 12 directors and you will need to keep this list current during the year. If one of your directors resigns or moves, we must be notified immediately.
3. 2014 Activities Report:
      As part of the Agricultural Societies Act of Alberta, you must hold a minimum of one agricultural event per fiscal year. Please list this event and include all other activities your agricultural society engaged in last year.
4. Annual General Meeting (AGM) Membership Sign-In Sheet:
      Please submit a copy of the AGM sign-in sheet available in the Reference Documents section. The Agricultural Societies Act of Alberta states the quorum for your AGM must be a minimum of 10 members, more if your bylaws so state.
5. Signed AGM Minutes:
      Please include a copy of your AGM minutes. Information to assist you in preparing for your AGM is available in the Reference Documents section.
6. Year-end Financial Statement:
      Minimum review engagement report prepared by a certified general accountant, certified management accountant or chartered accountant. An audit report is also acceptable.
      The accountant and two directors must sign the financial statement.
      The financial statement must also have been accepted by the membership at your AGM.
      Please take the “Notes to Accountants” sheet to your accountant. Document available in the Reference Documents section.
7. 2015-2018 Business Plan:
      An update to your society’s Business Plan is required. Suggested template of the Business Plan is available in the Documents of Reference section.
8. 2013-2014 Business Plan Reporting:
      A Business Plan Reporting Template is required. Suggested template of the Business Plan Reporting is available in the Documents of Reference section.
9. Optional Agricultural Societies Grant Application:
      This application is “optional” for agricultural societies. Grant funds will be allocated to agricultural societies that meet the January 15th deadline for annual reporting. The grant is calculated from the information you provide on the application and your financial statements. This application must be signed by two directors. Please review the Eligible and Non Eligible Expenses carefully. Documents are available in the Reference Documents section.
Alberta Agriculture requires signatures on all documents. These documents can be sent to us via mail or we will also accept scanned PDF documents with signatures e-mailed to

For any inquiries, please call the Agricultural Societies Program Staff:
Mercedes Lincango – Toll free 310-0000 then (780) 427-4311
Fred Young – Toll free 310-0000 then (780) 968-6555

Keep a copy or your submission and mail or email to:
Agricultural Societies Program
Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development
#106, 4709 - 44 Avenue
Stony Plain, AB T7Z 1N4

1. Preparing for your Annual General Meeting (AGM)
2. AGM sign-in-sheet
3. Notes to Accountants
4. General Guidelines for Non eligible Expenses
5. Non eligible expenses
6. Eligible expenses
7 Business Plan Template
8. Business Plan Reporting Template

For more information on the Agricultural Societies Program, please visit:

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