Diseases of Chick Peas

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 Botrytis Blight.
Botrytis cinerea

What to look for?
Can be a problem under cool wet weather as the crop matures especially in the wetter areas of Alberta.

Botrytis infection.
Photo: Kharbanda
Picture description
Botrytis infection.

Management strategy
A crop suited only to the dry or very dry areas of the province to control not only Botrytis, but Ascochyta as well.

Ascochyta Blight
Ascochyta rabiei

Under wet or humid growing conditions this drought tolerant crop may be 100% lost even with up to six or seven fungicides applications during the growing season.

Photographs and information assembled and prepared for ARD by Dr. Ieaun R. Evans Agri-Trend Agrology Ltd.

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