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Puccinia poae-nemoralis

Disease description
Puccinia poae-nemoralis - brown fleck rust of Kentucky blue grass, also found on other turf grasses

P. recondita
- brown or leaf rust on several turf grass species.

P. graminis
- black or stem rust on several turf grass species.

Rusts develop late in most seasons and so are seldom severe on mown turf grass; P.
poae-nemoralis is sometimes an exception. Several rust species may seriously damage grass seed crops.

Predisposing factors
  • low fertility, especially in nitrogen towards the end of the growing season
  • inadequate irrigation
  • susceptible cultivars as mentioned
Cultural control
Where P. poae-nemoralis is a problem avoid the 'Merion' cultivar of Kentucky blue grass. Maintain vigorous grass growth in summer.
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This information published to the web on June 1, 2001.
Last Reviewed/Revised on June 1, 2018.