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 The Farmers Advocate Office Mandate

The FAO works to ensure rural Albertans have consumer protection, rural opportunities and fair process. We administer the Farm Implement Act that provides consumer protection through warranty, parts availability and licensing provisions, including inspection to assist in FIB proceedings. Rural opportunity is realized through assisting landowners with managing their land asset, mitigating business risk and maximizing future economic opportunity as it relates to interaction with the energy industry. Fair process is facilitated through the development and implementation of peer oriented appeal processes.

Risk management, developing negotiation strategy, contract management and proactive pre-planning are key themes that the FAO promotes through information dissemination, education and client service. We offer basic mediation for disputes and will engage in advocacy for policy and legislation changes on behalf of the rural community. We encourage rural landowners to be progressive in protecting their interests but we do not offer legal advice or engage in case files where legal action is occurring.


To advocate for farmers and ranchers to ensure their rights and interests are protected and considered.

Assist Agri-business to ensure consumer protection through:

Land use for agricultural businesses is conserved and maximized for opportunities.

Ensure that rural Albertans have fair process.

Facilitate and support programs to offer a place to settle disputes or offer appeals privately.
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Farmers' Advocate Office (FAO)
305, 7000 - 113 Street
Edmonton AB T6H 5T6
Telephone 310-FARM (3276)
Fax 780-427-3913

Ag-Info Centre 310-FARM (3276)

39th FAO Annual Report
Staff at the FAO

Farmers' Advocate: Peter Dobbie
Assistant Farmers' Advocates:
Janet Patriquin - Rural Affairs/Farm Implement Act Administration & Appeal Programs
Carol Goodfellow - Land & Energy
Cal Vance - Farm Implement Inspector
Agricultural Development Committee Coordinator (AFSC Crop & Hail Insurance Appeals) - Brenda Tangen
Administrative Coordinator - Roseline Soparlo
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This information published to the web on December 4, 2001.
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