Irrigation Council - Public Members Selection Criteria

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The Minister of Agriculture and Forestry (AF) selects qualified Albertans to serve as public members of Irrigation Council (IC) according to the Irrigation Districts Act (the Act).

IC assists the Minister and AF to maintain a strong, efficient and sustainable irrigation industry within Alberta.

Under the Act, IC:
  1. Makes recommendations to the Minister respecting any matter under the Act;
  2. Monitors the operation and financial performance of Alberta’s 13 irrigation districts;
  3. Acts as the appeal body for specific issues listed in the Act; and
  4. Has any other powers conferred to, and performs any other duties imposed on it, by the Minister.

In addition, IC plays a key role to assist in administering the province’s cost-shared Irrigation Rehabilitation Program (IRP) which assists irrigation districts to rehabilitate their critical water conveyance infrastructure. This infrastructure delivers water to many and varied users throughout southern Alberta. IC grants approvals to irrigation districts to spend the IRP funds received and plays a significant role in setting policies and procedures for the administration of the program. This ensures accountability of the public’s ongoing investment in the rehabilitation of irrigation district infrastructure.

All IC members, as well as the Chair, are appointed by the Minister.

Potential IC members should have:
  • Relevant professional or volunteer experience or knowledge related to board governance and processes, including quasi-judicial bodies;
  • Knowledge of the irrigation industry and the operation of irrigation districts;
  • Knowledge of agriculture and the role it plays in rural development;
  • An understanding of irrigation infrastructure construction;
  • Consensus building, teamwork and leadership skills;
  • Effective communication, analytical and decision making abilities;
  • Strategic and critical thinking skills and be adept at relationship building; and
  • Demonstrate a high standard of personal values (e.g., good judgement, strong integrity and fairness).
In addition, experience and skills in the following areas are also desirable:
  • Working on and leading committees;
  • Policy and procedure development; and/or
  • Analyzing financial statements.

Appointments are for terms of up to three years. Members are eligible for reappointment.

Time Commitment
Six (6) one-day Council meetings are held annually. In addition, there are approximately three (3) days of tours/meetings with the irrigation districts. Throughout the year various workshops, conferences and annual general meetings may require Council’s attendance. As the Appeal body under the Act, Council member panels conduct appeal hearings as required.

Serving as a public member should not be considered as employment, but rather as an opportunity to serve the public in a volunteer capacity. For this public members are paid an honorarium and travel expenses in accordance with Government of Alberta rates.

Additional information on IC membership can be obtained from:

Irrigation Secretariat
Alberta Agriculture and Forestry
Room #328, Provincial Building
200 – 5 Avenue South
Lethbridge, AB T1J 4L1
Phone: 403-381-5176

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