Swine Farrow to Finish Supervisor (Level 2) Skill Set

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 Managing operations | Managing feeding | Marketing | Managing health | Managing breeding | Managing waste | Buildings and equipment | General supervising
Managing Pig Operations
  • Supervise pig production in weaning, growing, breeding and farrowing area
  • Manage animal welfare
  • Locate & evaluate swine enterprise assistance & information resources
  • Supervise & operate the production performance records system
  • Operate a computerized production records/ management system & analyze reports
Managing Feeding
  • Demonstrate knowledge of nutrition principles
  • Supervise feeding of gilts, boars and sows
  • Supervise feeding of sucklings, weaners, growers & feeders
  • Take a feed sample for nutrient analysis & interpret results
  • Manage the feed supplies
  • Conduct and supervise a feeding trial
  • Communicate with feed resource consultants
  • Supervise and operate the feed milling & handling system
  • Demonstrate knowledge of Canadian pig marketing options & systems
  • Demonstrate knowledge of Alberta pork producers marketing board processes
  • Ship pigs under current pig & hog marketing regulations & procedures
Managing Health
  • Demonstrate knowledge of swine physiology & anatomy
  • Operate & supervise planned heard health program
  • Recognize, diagnose & treat common disease & disorders
  • Perform first-aid treatment on animals
  • Communicate & consult on health problems and programs
  • Perform a basic postmortem & identify abnormalities
  • Manage internal & external pest control program
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Managing Breeding
  • Judge herd animals & select animals for breeding stock
  • Manage the care of replacement breeding stock
  • Carry out & supervise the breeding program
  • Perform artificial insemination
  • Demonstrate knowledge of swine improvement breeding options
  • Administer a swine improvement program
Managing Waste
  • Know current waste handling & environmental regulations & issues
  • Supervise the waste disposal & management program
Maintaining Buildings & Equipment
  • Supervise the regular upkeep of buildings & equipment
  • Perform minor maintenance & repair to building structures and handling equipment
  • Perform basic service & minor repairs to electrical equipment
  • Perform basic service & minor repairs to farmstead watering systems
  • Manage the fire protection of buildings & equipment
  • Operate a standby generator
General Supervising
  • Demonstrate use of decision making & problem solving techniques
  • Demonstrate effective verbal & written communication for records, staff & public
  • Demonstrate supervisor’s time management competence
  • Plan & manage farm staff work schedule
  • Supervise farm staff work activities
  • Conduct training of farm staff
  • Conduct production meetings
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