Feedlot Supervisor (Level 2) Skill Set

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 Animal health | Feeding operations | Supervising | Facilities and equipment | Records systems | Marketing
Managing Animal Health
  • Demonstrate knowledge of common respiratory diseases & recognize a suspected case
  • Demonstrate knowledge of common digestive disorders & recognize a suspected case
  • Demonstrate knowledge of internal/external parasites disorders & recognize a suspected case
  • Demonstrate knowledge of miscellaneous diseases & recognize a suspected case
  • Manage treatment protocol & supervise job site treatment activities
  • Locate & interpret sources of information on feedlot health & production
  • Communicate health & disease problems to health professionals or consultants
  • Assess cattle & make culling recommendations
  • Manage drug withdrawal requirements
  • Diagnose feed-related health problems
  • Analyze records, inspect pens & identify group health problems
  • Analyze health experience periodically & make protocol update recommendations
Managing Feeding Operations
  • Demonstrate a knowledge of cattle nutrition
  • Monitor incoming feed ingredients & manage desired quality standards
  • Supervise & manage feedmilling operations and feed processing
  • Manage feeding protocol
  • Supervise & manage bunk feeding operations
General Supervising
  • Demonstrate use of decision making & problem solving techniques
  • Demonstrate effective verbal & written communication for records, staff &public
  • Demonstrate supervisor’s time management competence
  • Plan & manage farm staff work schedule
  • Supervise farm staff work activities
  • Conduct training of farm staff
  • Conduct production meetings
Managing Facilities &Equipment
  • Monitor cattle facilities for maintenance & supervise repair work
  • Supervise the waste management plan & activities
  • Monitor cattle feeding equipment for maintenance & supervise service work
Operating Records Systems
  • Operate the feedlot’s records management system
  • Operate computerized management systems
  • Provide information & service to custom fed cattle clients
Processing & Marketing Cattle
  • Supervise the induction process set out by the management plan
  • Sort cattle for fat market
  • Supervise handling, perform procedures & paperwork to ship cattle in Alberta
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