Packaging Technology Program

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 The Food Processing Development Centre has the capability for evaluating a wide range of current (vacuum and modified atmosphere packaging [MAP]) and newer technologies such as post package pasteurization (Sous vide) and retortable pouch processes. We can assist in suggesting packaging options, packaging suppliers, predicting shelf life, and performing shelf life evaluation.

We have many years of experience in MAP of sandwiches, fresh pasta, fresh produce and other chilled foods. We evaluate alternate packaging technologies to satisfy the shelf life requirements required for the distribution of fresh, chilled ready to consume entrees that are increasingly in demand by consumers (Home Meal Replacements).

Packaging Equipment:

  • Multivac M 855 thermoform packaging machine (with gas flush capabilities)
  • Doboy Mustang IV horizontal flow wrapper
  • Bizerba D66 double chamber vacuum packaging machine (with gas flush capabilities)
  • Visual Thermoforming semi-auto tray sealer
  • Rooney semi-auto vacuum can seamer (with gas flush capabilities)
  • Stock Pilot-Rotor 900 rotary retort
  • Dixie Canner stationary retort
  • All-Fill SHAA-400 auger filler
  • Unifiller piston filler
  • Kalish Pump-a-Filler controlled volume filler
  • Sergeant L-Bar shrink wrapping system
Package Evaluation Equipment:
  • Hewlett-Packard 5890-A gas chromatograph
  • Mocon Oxy-Tran 100A oxygen permeation tester
  • Instron 5565 universal testing machine
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