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Data Sharing Agreement

Alberta Agriculture and Forestry (A&F) will share forest health survey data with interested organizations. Prior to receiving data, a data sharing agreement outlining use protocols must be signed by both A&F and the user.

Forest Health Survey Manuals
  • Forest Health Aerial Survey Manual -- Oct 2012 (reformatted Dec 2014, 65 pages, 4.4 MB)
    This manual gives a general description of different types of aerial surveys, limitations and assumptions. It describes how aerial surveys are performed for specific damage agents and identifies minimum standards for Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development's forest health GIS coverage. It describes such things as file attribute definitions, formats, digitizing standards, metadata standards and naming conventions.
  • Forest Tent Caterpillar Egg Mass Survey to Forecast Defoliation Severity in the Following Year -- reformatted Dec 2014 (5 pages, <1 MB)
    This manual provides a description of the field survey technique used to forecast the potential severity of forest tent caterpillar defoliation on aspen stands by counting the number of egg masses on twigs in the upper crown of trees. Also included in this manual are procedures, accuracies and look-up tables.
  • Mountain Pine Beetle Detection and Management in Alberta (Blue Book) -- 2016 (114 pages, 2.4 MB)
    This manual outlines the life cycle and identification of Mountain Pine Beetle. It gives procedures for level one surveys, baiting procedures, control methods and population forecast surveys.
FTP Link

Forest Health survey data is updated annually. The following information summarizes the annual pest conditions for each year. A data sharing agreement must be in place before receiving access to this link.
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