Custom Rates - Frequently Asked Questions

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 Can I get information on what to charge for custom farm operations?
Alberta Agriculture and Food surveys custom operators each year to track the current rates being charged for most custom farm operations. Producers are encouraged to use these rates as a guideline for establishing their own rate. We also publish information on equipment operating costs.

Is this information available on Ropin the Web?
Yes, you will be able to view this information online by using this link Custom Rates Survey Summary .

Can I get my own copy of these rates?
We no longer publish a print version of the custom rates. Producers are welcome to print any or all of the sections from the web pages.

What is the difference between Farm Machinery Costs and Custom Rates?
Farm machinery costs are based on the costs of owning and operating different pieces of farm machinery. Custom rates are the actual rates charged for custom farm operations as reported in our survey of custom operators.

Information on current machinery costs and worksheets for calculating your own machinery costs can be found online. The Farm Machinery Cost Calculator is another option, offering an easy to use format for estimating your machinery costs.

Farm Machinery Cost Calculator

How can I find a custom operator?
We offer a Custom Services Directory on our website. It contains postings from across Alberta for cropping, hay and silage making, and trucking and livestock services. Many custom operators advertise in local newspapers or you can ask your friends and neighbours who they would recommend.

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This information published to the web on May 27, 2003.
Last Reviewed/Revised on June 5, 2015.