The Economics of Honey Production in Alberta, 2005

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  Economics and Competitiveness

Costs and returns for livestock, crops and several other enterprises have been monitored in the province in an extensive way since the 1960's. These studies have been viewed as an important tool for assisting producers in their cropping decisions and the federal and provincial governments in developing policies and programs for the different farm enterprises. Where information gaps existed in other provinces, results from these studies have served as the basis to fill those gaps. Production costs and returns for the beekeeping (honey production) sector of the agriculture industry have been monitored periodically since the early 1970's. The 2005 costs and returns study is a continuing effort to monitor honey production in the province. Information presented in this report can be used for several purposes including program evaluation and policy developments for the honey industry, etc. It would also assist individual study participants to compare their costs and returns with the group averages to develop/manage their operations better.

Objectives of the study
Following are the objectives of this study:

  1. To determine production costs and returns associated with beekeeping in Alberta.
  2. To establish physical input/output relationships for beekeeping in Alberta.
  3. To provide each study participant with a detailed analysis of his/her beekeeping operation and an opportunity to compare the operation with the group averages.
  4. To observe regional differences in costs and returns for beekeeping operations across the province.
  5. To document how variation in size of operation affects net returns.
  6. To provide an up-to-date economic report on the beekeeping in Alberta to assist governments in developing programs and policies for this industry.
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