AgriProfit$ Pasture Cost and Returns Profiles

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AgriProfit$ Pasture Cost and Returns Profiles

AgriProfit$ Cost and Returns Profiles give an insight into the productive and economic performance of Alberta pasture crops, reported by grass type zones. These 3-year average benchmarks, including AgriProfit$ observations from the period 2008-2010, compare and contrast per acre and per AUM cost and returns for the regional average vs. the top-third management group (low cost perAUM).

Reports are formatted as one page summaries by crop, by region. Each report includes detailed cost and returns summaries, general statistical analyses, and frequency charts designed to relay the variability amongst producers in key production and economic criteria.

AgriProfit$ Pasture Cost and Returns Profiles are available, by region, as follows:

  • Southern Alberta (including Fescue Grassland, Mixed Grassland & Moist Mixed Grassland)
  • Central Alberta (including Aspen Parkland and portions of Boreal Transition)
  • Northern Alberta (including Peace Lowland and portions of Boreal Transition)
(Over time, general benchmark reports will be also be made available on a specific grass type basis.)

Dryland Pasture Crops

Southern Alberta Central Alberta Northern Alberta Alberta - General

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