NGC Reference Index (Revised September 2017)

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 Alberta Wapiti Products Co-op of Canada
Vencana is the registered trademark name of the Alberta Wapiti Products Co-op (AWAPCO) which was officially incorporated on June 22, 2001 in the province of Alberta, Canada. With 141 producer members, the Co-op is able to provide consistent premium ranched elk meat on a on-going basis. AWAPCO has already made significant shipments of elk meat to the United Sates and Europe.

AFSC Commercial
AFSC Commercial is a division of Agriculture Financial Services Corporation offering a unique portfolio of innovative financing options, to help meet the capital needs of the rapidly expanding value-added and agrifood industry.

Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development. (October 2003). Business Options. (PDF - 303 KB)

AVAC is a not-for-profit, private company dedicated to nurturing and developing value-added agriculture in Alberta. AVAC invests in innovative ideas that add value to agricultural commodities. We invest through coaching, knowledge, contacts and financial resources.

Canada/B.C. Farm Business Management Program. Agricultural Co-ops, A Start-up Guide (PDF - 386 KB).

Canada/B.C. Farm Business Management Program. Financing Agricultural Cooperatives (PDF - 306 KB).

Corbett Smith Bresee LLP. New Generation Co-ops: Alberta’s Newest Option for Agricultural Businesses. 23 page paper prepared for the NGC Technical Seminar in Edmonton, December 3 & 4, 2002. An extensive bibliography is included.

Farm Credit Canada
FCC loans are available for on-farm diversification and for off-farm businesses that process, transport, store or distribute farm inputs or farm produce, provided that the applicant or the shareholders of the applicant (in the case of companies or cooperatives) are involved in primary agricultural production related to the business.

Fulton, Murray. (2001). New Generation Cooperative Development in Canada. (PDF - 229 KB) Centre for the Study of Co-operatives, University of Saskatchewan: Saskatoon, SK.
The purpose of this paper is to provide some background on why NGCs have developed at this particular point in the history of agriculture and why they need to be encouraged. The paper explores some of the factors that have influenced their development in the US and examines why NGC development has been slower in Canada. The paper also discusses ways in which the model is changing and evolving and some of the challenges NGCs are currently facing.

North Dakota State University. Quentin Burdick Centre for Cooperatives.

Ontario Cooperative Association.

Patrie, Bill. (2002). The U.S. Experience with New Generation Cooperatives (PDF - 262 KB).
Bill Patrie presented this speech at the December 2002 New Generation Coops Technical Seminar held in Edmonton, Alberta by the Alberta Agriculture Innovative Business Arrangements Team.

Toma & Bouma Management Consultants. (March 2003). Alberta New Gen Co-ops - Governance and Management: Developing a Management Resource (PDF - 962 KB).

University of Saskatchewan. Centre for the Study of Cooperatives
The Centre for the Study of Cooperatives, established in 1984, is an interdisciplinary teaching and research institute at the University of Saskatchewan. The objectives of the Centre are: to develop and offer university courses that provide an understanding of cooperative theory, principles, development, structures, and legislation; to undertake original research into cooperatives; to publish cooperative research, both that of Centre staff and that of other researchers; and to maintain a resource centre of cooperative materials that supports the Centre's teaching and research functions.

University of Wisconsin. Center for Cooperatives.
The UWCC conducts extension/outreach and research. Extension/outreach programs are directed at all aspects of cooperative business principles, organizing cooperatives, cooperative financing, cooperative structure, cooperative management, leadership and governance, and related topics for both agricultural and consumer cooperatives. Research topics investigate all types of cooperative issues.

University of Wisconsin. Center for Cooperatives - Case Studies.

US Premium Beef
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