Alberta Feedlot Management Guide 2nd Edition

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If you’re in the cattle, mixed farm, or dairy business...
      And if you have your eye on the bottom line...

            The Alberta Feedlot Management Guide is for you!

    The guide features practical, reliable, easy-to-access information for cattle feeding operations of any size.

    Use the guide to
    • Save time and money
    • Help train experienced or new hands
    • Be sure of best practices
    Users of the first edition said:
      • "Our animals are healthier"
      • "We saved on vet bills and medication."
      • "The guide develops a better marketer."
      • "It’s a good reference and tool."
      • "We used it to train staff."
      • "We had better weight gains and better prices."

    Consultants, Nutritionists, Veterinarians and Animal Scientists
    Benefit from this reliable resource that provides instant access to current feedlot management information.

    Make the most of your operation’s potential.
    The guide can help you improve management efficiency and cost effectiveness. Beef up your knowledge to improve your competitive edge.

    Keep current information handy
    The 1000-page guide features 128 fact sheets in 7 categories. You can access information easily on any subject, whether you use the guide in print or CD-ROM format.

    Subject areas covered The CD ROM format provides calculators to help you determine
    • Feeder marketing alternatives
    • Breakeven analysis
    • Silage value
    • Bunker silo size
    • Value of alternative feeds
    • Feedlot yardage cost
    Use the Order Form below to get this valuable guide.

    Users of the Alberta Feedlot Management Guide report that making only a few adjustments based on the guide’s suggestions has saved them money.

    Choose this value-added resource from the Best in the West!

    The fact sheets were written by Western Canadian and American cattle experts---Leading industry, university and government specialists.

    Special benefit: Authors on call
    If you need more information on a topic, you can contact the authors directly by using the contact information provided.

    The Alberta Feedlot Management Guide is the companion you can trust to help you make bottom line decisions.

    Alberta Feedlot Management Guide
    In CD-ROM format at $40 CDN + GST and shipping
      • 128 fact sheets (1000 pages) with hyperlinks between fact sheets in the guide
      • access to Internet sites listed
      • six calculators
      • a subject index
      • Adobe Acrobat Reader

    The CD lets you print the fact sheets you want, when you want, or you can refer to them on screen. Purchase the binder and section dividers as well to keep your printouts organized. Note that future editions will be produced only in CD-ROM format.

    Who are we?
    The Feeder Association f Alberta Ltd. provides its 11,000 members with financing, education and leading edge information about cattle finishing. The Alberta Feedlot Management Guide is a joint project of the Feeder Associations of Alberta Ltd. and Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development. The first edition was published in 1996.

    For more information
    Feeder Associations of Alberta Ltd.
    Box 4638, Barrhead, Alberta, Canada, T7N 1A5

    Order Form

    The Order Form is available as a downloadable PDF document. You can phone, fax, email or mail your completed order form to the following addresses:

    Telephone: 780-674-2622
    Fax: 780-674-2845
    Feeder Associations of Alberta Ltd.
    Box 4638, Barrhead, Alberta, Canada T7N 1A5

    Download the Order Form - 44K PDF

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