Starting and Growing a Business: Entrepreneurial Assessment Checklist

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Are you willing to lose sleep, give up your evenings and weekends and spend less time with your family in order to get your business off the ground?
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Have you Assessed Your Personal Suitability for Starting a Business?

The following is a checklist to help guide you to the next step in the entrepreneurial process. Although this is not a comprehensive list, consider the following criteria and make an educated judgment as to your suitability for starting a new business.

You possess the personal qualities needed to be a successful entrepreneur such as motivation, strong work ethic and determination
Your family is supportive of your new venture
You are willing to change your lifestyle if needed to ensure that your new venture is successful
You have the skills needed to operate your business and will undergo training for any skills that you don’t have
You are in good health and have the physical ability to withstand pressure and long work hours
You understand the risks involved in starting a new business and can accept the consequence of failure
You interact well with other people (customers, employees, lenders etc) and enjoy receiving feedback on how you are doing
You and/or your partner have the necessary skills and knowledge or relative business experience to succeed in your chosen business
You are aware of the resources available to assist you in business start-up
If you meet all the criteria and have the required skills, attributes and support to start a new venture then you are ready to start Evaluating Your Idea!
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