Used Food Processing Equipment

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 If you wish to have a listing posted, you may use the on-line form or call the Rural Extension and Industry Development Division, 403-340-7625. Postings will be removed after 60 days. If you wish to have your listing removed before this time, just send a note to Joan Bates.

Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development in NO WAY GUARANTEES the quality of equipment or the integrity of the buyer or sellers. You must be aware of the risks of the market place. If need be, go look at the equipment before you buy to ensure you are getting what you paid for.

Industry: Food processing | Milk processing | Manufacturing | Meat processing | Baking | Refrigeration | Packaging | Vegetable processing

Food Processing

Industry: Food Processing
Equipment: FOR SALE
- Cinelli 200 qt mixer. 11.5 hp. New motor, hydraulics, belts, bowl. $8500.
- Biodiesel tanks. Horiz. and heavy duty.Legs. 14,000 usg. 3 units with valves. $10,000. each
- Large S/S brewery tanks. (2 units) Seismic reinforced over 316 S/S. POR.
- Key Technologies 7' Shaker Table. Type MVKSP. Year 2003. USD12,800
- Key Pack VFFS with Hinds Bock filler. USD14,500.
- 2004 Combi EZ2 Case Erector. USD12,500.
- 40hp Hydraulic power pack. Recent service. $2700
- 48" Accumulator. S/S. Low hours. 115 volt. $3400
- Tote Elevator with platform. $6500
- 1000 Litre S/S blending tank with 6 inlets/outlets. $1850
- Transformer. 225 KVA. 600V primary/380V secondary. As new. 2005 model. $1100
- Transformer. 15 KVA. New in crate. 575V to 480V. $700
- Groen 20qt self contained electric kettle. $1850.
- Meyer VFC 001 CHSP vibrating table. S/S and mobile. 120 volt. $2350
- Vollrath auto dishwasher trays. 18"x18"x6" high. $10 each, min 10 units.
- 9800 usg S/S silo. $16,000. (at Fraser River in Delta)
- Federal 18 Valve bottle filler. 375 to 2000 ml. $5500.
- Aerator. 3 hp. Heavy duty bakery unit. $4500
- Unused 2008 shell and tube heat exchanger.15.25in x 276in, Petroleum Condensate Cooler. POR.
- 2005 AMF Horizontal Product Diverter. Small fruit and berry sizer. USD8500.
- 2006 Kason Flour sifter mounted on all S/S Cyclone. C/W 16'high wall mounted transfer station. POR
- 2000 MondoMix A-15 mixer/homogenizer. USD16,500.
- Robotic date coders. 3 units at $4500 each
- 2005 Combi CPP compact case packer w/Allen Bradley panel $5,500.
- Huge selection of all S/S motorized conveyors including incline conveyors.
- Tridyne F109 Check Weigher. New PLC. 2 lanes. $5200.
- ATS all S/S film sealer for 8” buckets. $10,500.
- Low & Duff Chocolate melter. 500 lb.batch. $2800
- Feldmeier Heat Exchanger/pasteurizer. 252DT. 316s/s. 30ft long. 12 double rows. USD18,500.
- VFFS loader. All S/S and synced to demand supply. USD9500.
- 10 tonne malt silo . Ex brewery. $3600.
.- 12 Bosch SIG Pak units with Control Panels/Power Panels. All 316 SS.
Used for fruit handling in a waffle plant. POR
Company Name: AWA Equipment
Contact: Peter Manson
City/Town: Vancouver BC
Date Updated: February 9, 2016

Industry: Food Processing
For Sale: Dehydrators/Excalibur/Excellent condition
Selling 2 barely used (1yr old)Commercial Excalibur Dehydrators. 42 Tray/dual zone.
Asking $16,000 cad dollars.
Company: GBE Chilliwack Heirloom Organic Farm
Contact: Michael Allen
City/Town: Chilliwack BC
Date Updated: December 21, 2015

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Milk Processing

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Industry: Manufacturing
For Sale: 0.86 acres with 8,616 sq ft warehouse and office space
Contact for all specifics.
Company: McNab Realty Ltd.
Contact: Marc McNab
City/Town: Grande Prairie AB
Date Updated: November 9, 2015

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Meat Processing

Industry: Meat Processing
Equipment: WANTED
Looking for a used hydraulic sausage stuffer. not really particular about the model or make
Contact: Duncan Henry
Date Updated: January 11, 2016

Industry: Meat Processing
Equipment: Meat Mixing Mincer - 2008 in very good condition:
Seydelmann mixing mincer 200 mm type MU 200 B with loader for 200 I trolleys, year 1988, surface stainless steel, power supply 380V, 50 hz, double lug 250MCM, TD fuses 125 A 250V, 4 rolling bins MACx Bin Solid Yellow, D17326 Tote All Dolly, 48" spatula, one 207 shovel, Lid F/MACx bin yellow, 5 only 014528 Dump Buggy V edge, 1 only EZ Way buggy wash stand, 3 Lid f/buggy pully.
Company: Prime Capital Consulting
Contact: Chris Williams
City/Town: Edmonton Alberta
Date Updated: December 15, 2015

Industry: Meat Processing
Equipment: Meat Cooler, Mc6000, 2010 in excellent condition. This cooler will cool 6000 lbs of hot meat.
Company: R&B Livestock Ent
Contact: Bryce
City/Town: Sunset House
Date Updated: November 10, 2015

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Vegetable Processing

Industry: Vegetable
Equipment: FOR SALE - Vegetable Sorter and Sizer:
2 Kerian Speed Sizers available both Model L50. In good condition. Were used for sizing tomatoes. Can be used for sizes from 1" to 9". Price negotiable and open to offers. Pictures available upon request.
Company: Galaxy Processing
Contact: Nathan Lauer
City/Town: Calgary Alberta
Date Submitted: January 12, 2016

Industry: Vegetable
Equipment: FOR SALE - MATRIX pro series bagger system in good condition.
Comes with high quality Yamato in process scale. In good condition. Was used for bagging green beans. Can be used for bagging anything like candy, fruits and vegetables, potatoes, etc. Comes with many attachments. Price negotiable and open to offers. Pictures and more information available upon request.
Company: Galaxy Processing
Contact: Nathan Lauer
City/Town: Calgary, Alberta
Date Submitted: January 12, 2016

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