Start-up Cost Sheet

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 This information is part of a series of documents about Starting and Growing a Business
New businesses spend money before they ever open their doors or offer product for sale. Start-up expenses are those costs incurred before the business is up and running. Many new entrepreneurs underestimate start-up costs and begin their business in a haphazard, unplanned way. To avoid making this common mistake, use a start-up cost sheet to plan your initial financing.

The following cost sheet consists of typical expenses involved in starting a business.This is not an all-inclusive list but it offers entrepreneurs a place to start in terms of business planning and assessing the feasibility and cost of a new venture.

Please keep in mind that many of the following costs reflect a 1-3 month time frame, meaning that you should have enough funds available to cover these costs for a minimum of one month but ideally for at least three months.
Estimated Start-up Costs
Living Expenses
    Salary for owner / manager
$1-3 months
Land & Buildings
    Building (buy or lease)
$1-3 months
    Furniture & Fixtures
    Decorating & Remodelling
    Outside Signage
Vehicles $ Once
    Cash Register
    Other (Specify)
Office Supplies$1-3 months
Telephone$1-3 months
Internet$1-3 months
Utilities$1-3 months
    Business Cards
$3 months
    Newspaper / Radio Ads
$3 months
Packaging & Labeling $1-3 months
$1-3 months
    Raw Materials
$1-3 months
Licenses and Permits $As Required
Professional Fees
$1-3 months
$1-3 months
    Other (Specify)
$1-3 months
Insurance$As Required
Deposits (utility etc)$Once
Salaries and Wages$1-3 months
Cash Reserve (Petty Cash, Credit Accounts)$1-3 months
Other (Specify)$As Required
Total Cash Required to Start a Business$

Note: A fillable version of the Start-up Cost Sheet is available by downloading the pdf version (209K) which is located on the top right-hand of this screen

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Note: To use this form you must be using Adobe 8.1 or higher. The latest version of the software is available for free from Adobe).
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