Establishing Native Plant Communities

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This book will help anyone who is planning or implementing a native plant revegetation project. It addresses the specifics of native revegetation and methodology that are not covered in the provincial government's Native Plant Revegetation Guidelines for Alberta.

Establishing Native Plant Communities contains information on planning, field operations, site management and assessment, as well as over 100 colour photos.

The planning section features information about setting goals, disturbance types, site location and conditions, land use planning, revegetation methods, salvaging materials, the availability of materials and purchasing materials. The field operations section deals with site preparation, seeding, planting and ensuring establishment. The management section looks at weed control, maintenance and site protection, while the assessment section looks at record keeping, rare plant mitigation and evaluating site success.

Useful appendices include a seed mix calculator and specific information about new taxonomy, germination and the establishment of various native species. 93 pages.

Agdex 580-3

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  • Goals for pre-development revegetation planning
  • Disturbance types
  • Site location
  • Site conditions
  • Land use planning
  • Other sources of information for planning revegetation
  • End land-use
  • Revegetation methods
  • Native plant species composition
  • Salvaging native plant materials
  • Commercially available native plant material
  • Purchasing native plant material
Field Operations
  • Site preparation
  • Seeding
  • Planting
  • Ensuring establishment success
  • Managing an established plant community to meet the project objectives
    Monitoring and Assessment
  • Record keeping
  • Rare plant mitigation monitoring
  • Evaluating the success of revegetation on other sites
  • The future


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