Meat Processing Facilities in Alberta: Regulations, Technology, Design

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This manual of standard practice for Alberta meat processors is designed to help planners and operators of meat processing facilities. The content covers critical subject areas:
  • planning overview
  • regulations, codes and permits
  • general principles of food hygiene
  • background and technology
  • plant layout
  • design and construction
  • recommended information

This comprehensive manual clarifies many aspects of the design and operation of meat processing facilities in Alberta. 121 pages.
Agdex 727-1

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Table of Contents

Chapter I Planning Overview Chapter II Regulations, Codes and Permits

  • The Development and Licensing Process
  • Abattoir License - Livestock Marketing Services Branch
  • Environmental Regulations
  • Highway Development Permit
  • Site and Building Permits
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act
Chapter III General Principles of Food Hygiene
  • Introduction
  • Definitions
  • Establishments: Design and Facilities
  • Establishment: Hygiene Requirements
  • Personal Hygiene and Health Requirements
  • Establishment: Hygienic Processing Requirements
  • Recall Procedure
  • Cleaning and Sanitization
Chapter IV Background Technology
  • Site Requirements
  • Waste and Wastewater Management
  • General Plant Safety
  • Handling Livestock in Abattoirs
  • Processing Technology
  • Refrigeration of Meat
Chapter V Plant Layout
  • Basic Facility Layout
  • Detailed Facility Layout
Chapter VI Design and Construction

Types of Buildings

  • Structural Design
  • Waste Handling and Disposal
  • Environmental Control- Ventilating, Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Lighting
Chapter VII Recommended Information
  • Contacts For Information
  • Provincial Acts and Regulations
  • Federal Acts and Regulations
  • Codes
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