Methods of Investigating Predation of Livestock

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If you raise livestock or have to investigate predation damage as part of your job, you need this book. It shows how to tell whether or not the animal was killed by a predator. You'll also learn how to identify the species of predator. Even experienced investigators will find this book helpful. 36 pages.

Agdex 684-14

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Free Digital Version (4.6 MB)
This low resolution PDF version of the Methods of Investigating Predation of Livestock is available at no charge and can be used as outlined in the terms of the Open Government Licence Alberta.

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Table of Contents


Determine the Cause of Death

Indicators of Health

Identifying the Predator
  • Family Ursidae - Bears
  • Family Canidae - Dogs
  • Family Felidae - Cats
  • Family Mustelidae
  • Family Procyonidae
  • Raptors - Birds of Prey
  • Scavenging Birds


Characteristics of Major Predators
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